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Key Features

We generate high quality leads

  • Leads are delivered the second they fill out the form
  • Generated via search engines, highlighting user’s are actually seeking help
  • Full replacement policy for bad email and phone numbers.
  • Oversupply 10% upfront to make up for any bad leads as well.
  • Targeting options allow you to refine your lead preference (eg. age)
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How we work

  • Our trial tested lead generation networks deliver awesome results! We have seen closing ratios as high as 25% with some direct sales customers using our custom real-time leads.

  • You can fully customize your campaign to receive prospects most ideal for your business, to include only certain geographical areas, as well as gender targeting and targeting people with certain budgets, needs, priorities. No other pay-per-lead in the world is currently doing this.

  • All Live Lead Store leads are generated via search engine placement and Pay-Per Click Marketing and are fully opt-in and are leads wanting to hear from you about your business . Our leads aren’t generated via Popup windows, unsolicited email and mass email marketing like a vast majority lead companies, so our prospects are actively searching for a business solution pertaining to your business.

  • Our generation and system matches our prospects up with 1-4 business operators relevant to their enquiry, and at the same time the lead is delivered instantly to your inbox/back office, and that person is awaiting your call or email to share your business.

  • Leads generated by Live Lead Store take our online survey, answering how much money they have budgeted to start their own business, what City they are from, what State/Province they are from, what their number one priority is for looking for an opportunity, and how soon they could get started. Our leads also come with full email/name/telephone contact information.

A Few Statistics

Leads Generated

Our network of sites deliver quality leads

Current Customers

Our strong customer base highlight just why we’re industry leaders

Lead Markets

We generate high quality, opt-in leads for 8 international markets

Years in Business

We are proven industry leaders, operating for over 10 years

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