New Look for Live Lead Store Accounts

New Look for Live Lead Store Accounts

There is a new look for Live Lead Store Accounts, which was rolled out last week as part of our on-going product enhancements roadmap.

As part of our enhancements we’re committed to make the user experience of Live Lead Store best practise, and ensure that all of our users can seamlessly complete any tasks needed within their back-office accounts. As we continue to improve our custom platform to deliver leads as fast and efficiently as possible some new educational improvements to expect over the coming weeks include:

  • Tour Guides – Automated walkthroughs of the entire account setup in the back-office to help new users know where to find key areas
  • Video Guides – We will be updated our videos in the back office to help walk you through setting up tasks such as ‘How to Setup Auto-responders’ for your leads

And as always, our friendly account managers are here to help you if you have any account queries that you’d like us to assist with.



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