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Understanding MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is an organised marketing strategy where the sales force is not just compensated for sales they generate personally, but also for the sales made by others that they recruited. The recruited sale- force is referred as the sales person’s “downline”, which can help  earn multiple levels of compensation. So how does MLM …


4 Online Marketing Tactics That Convert

We explore 4 Online Marketing Tactics That Convert prospective customers to actual customers. We hope you get something out of this, and can then apply it to improve the current digital marketing strategies and tactics you are employing for your own business. Ok so let’s get into it. Potential buyers who start, but never complete …


MLM Leads Delivered in Real-Time

So let’s assume that your business is seeking to secure a number of MLM leads to drive more sales for your particular business. Let’s also assume that the leads are pre-qualified. Taking the above scenario into account, the opportunity to close these leads should be fairly high considered they’re pre qualified. So how can you …


Four Traps to Avoid with Lead Generation

Before we get into exploring four traps to avoid with lead generation, here’s an interesting insight worth sharing. When looking at B2B brands, customers trust email marketing as one of the highest forms of communication with a brand, whereas social media resulted with the lowest levels of trust. This reinforces the opportunity to link lead …


Online Lead Generation Strategies Every Business Should Know

1. Create And Design A Landing Page Online lead generation is more effective when you have a landing page. Also dubbed as a lead capturing page, it is a specific webpage where a certain visitor is directed to the moment he or she has consumed the site content. In other words, it is a platform …


2 Key B2B Lead Generation Trends

B2B Marketing Techniques are constantly evolving. Marketing professionals have to deliver results and rationalise significant headcount and program investments, which puts them under tremendous pressure. As such, it has become necessary for B2B marketers to adjust to new challenges, and discern best practices and new trends. This article explores two key B2B lead Generation trends. …


Lead Generation Tactics For Google Plus

Most companies when looking at using social media for lead generation activities, often associate Facebook as the primary channel to use for B2C audiences, and LinkedIn for B2B audiences. Now whilst both of the social channels are great to use and test as part of your holistic social strategy, many overlook (or really understand) how …


Lead Generation in Australia

The saying ‘data never lies’ rings true is so many aspects of digital marketing. To help give context to lead generation in Australia we’ve put together some key statistics to give you an understanding of the current Australian Digital Landscape. Key Australian Online Statistics in 2014: 18,129,727 internet users 12,800,000 Facebook users 81% internet penetration …


How Colour Can Improve Online Conversions

When it comes to conversion optimisation, people often look at the positioning of elements on landing pages such as buttons and variations on text as the first things to optimise to boast existing conversion rates. One area that is often overlooked by many brands, is the simple use of colour variations. Colour variations have been …


4 Proven Lead Generation Tactics

All businesses understand the importance of generating new customers, and when it comes to generating leads online there are some tactics that work more effectively than others. So what we’ve decided to do is provide 4 proven lead generation tactics below to help you understand some of the strategies that work when it comes to …

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