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L Gulloch – NSW 
I’m lovin’ Live Leads!
Your new system makes life so easy for us – thank you for calling and advising me to create a response email which automatically goes out to the new lead. This makes such a huge difference as when we call that new person they already are aware that we will be getting in touch. Every lead I have received so far has set an appointment with me straight away ………………………… and the most exciting story I have to share ………….. yesterday I noticed an email come through to my inbox with a new contact’s details. As I was in the middle of something else at the time I noted that it was there and planned to act on it when finished with the task I was doing ……….. well, by the time I got back to my Inbox there was another email there, from the new lead – she had received the auto responder and replied to that requesting more information. I did a presentation of our business for her this morning and she is joining us!!! Thank you Live Leads
Keep up the great work.

B. Voller – QLD 
I have enjoyed working with these leads for some months now and find Live Lead Store is really proactive about increasing the functionallity of his site and user friendliness for his customers. The leads are coming in real time and it is great to be able to pause the supply or adjust the volume per day to what your situation is. Forthcoming developments such as area, and or gender specific leads mean that this is definitely worth checking out. These features and as well the competitive price mean it is a winner!

W. Hsu – Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian Live Leads has changed the way I run my business here. With the first week of my platinum pack I signed 9 people. So far I have signed 13 people and had another dozen almost ready. I’m looking forward to the back office system, it should make my success even greater still. Most looking forward to it. William

S. Perrin – CA, USA
Working my business into the Pacific and Asia has been easier than I ever though possible with your services. I’m really enjoying the quality of leads and the support and service available. It is also great to know that as I build into these regions that your leads are available to my downline so we can all work closely within the system and work with eachother. With this system there is going to be no limit to how large we are going to grow through the region. It’s very exciting time for my business and the industry in those regions. Too bad I can’t keep it my secret!

Sandra B. – NSW 
Just wanted to let you know that the Live Lead Store is VERY good. I have tried a number of other lead generation sites but have found that the overall service of the Live Lead Store is much better. Responses to my enquiries or questions are answered promptly and the assistance is second to none. Since the inception of the Live Lead Store I have found that they are constantly upgrading and improving their back office and the lead generation system. As fas as the leads are concerned … they are FANTASTIC. I am having at least 4 out of 5 leads join my business, and others just becoming a customer. So will I be continuing to purchase the leads??? You bet they are an important part of my lead generation to build my own business.
Cheers Sandra

B. Weiss – SA
Yes, I’ve had good results with some of the leads I’ve purchased.  One person joined my business as a business partner, and another became a customer.

C. Chappell – QLD
I have been purchasing leads from the Live Lead Store for approximately 12 months. There are numerous reasons why I use the Live Lead store as my lead source and the number one reason is that the leads are so fresh. I have on numerous occasions called the lead as soon as I have received the notification and they have told me that they had just registered. This coupled with the pre qualifying questions makes for good leads and then it is up to me to show them my business opportunity and have them join me in my business. I love the new back office as it automatically sends my leads an email, which I have written, when they register. You can also choose how many leads you want in a day and customise the system to suit your needs.


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