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Hong Kong, the gateway to mainland china and Eastern Asia. If you’re looking to build your networking empire throughout the world, you cannot overlook kicking some goals in Hong Kong. Once again LLS to the rescue!

Our Hong Kong lead packages are LIVE, SURVEYED, and want to know about YOUR Business.

Ok now you can get your leads in Hong Kong. But let’s say you want only female leads with more than 4000 to spend starting up… NO PROBLEM. You can also exclude certain regions to laser target down on your prospects… another first that no other lead provider in the world can do in realtime.

If you’re serious about finding Hong Kong network marketing leads, don’t look past this. For current prices and packages for Hong Kong leads, please login to www.liveleadstore.com/office

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All our Hong Kong leads are English speaking, and we oversupply by 10% on top of replacing incorrect leads (another first) giving you the max value for your marketing dollar. Grow your business in Hong Kong at a rapid pace with our super responsive surveyed Hong Kong MLM leads.

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Our strong customer base highlight just why we’re industry leaders

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We generate high quality, opt-in leads for 8 international markets

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We are proven industry leaders, operating for over 10 years

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