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When finding services people are turning to the internet more than ever. This can be a dilemma for a lot of businesses that don’t have dedicated online lead generation campaigns to fuel their businesses. As a heating and cooling specialist, wouldn’t it be great to have a partner that was able to send you hot leads (excuse the pun)  that wanted to receive quotes and services, directly to your email and/or phone.

Our HVAC leads are matched with businesses/services using our simple and intelligent quote engine. From this system the leads are matched with relevant business operators, and sent directly to your inbox the moment they want to receive a call and quote.

We offer high quality HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) quote leads covering everything from unit installation through to on-going servicing and repairs for air conditioner units.

At present, we generate high quality and region specific HVAC leads including:

  • Australia Air Conditioning Quote Leads

Our leads are generated in real-time, and come directly to you as prospective clients are in real need for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning assistance.

Live Lead Store leads give you the flexible to target customers by options such as location/postcode, type of service required, time of install/service, and any other parameters required by your business.

This is all done in an environment where there is no risk to the business operator, no outlay, and no ongoing maintenance or effort required. Once you are in our system pre-purchased lead credits will be deducted as each qualified lead is instantly sent to you.

Unlike other quote engine providers, there is no requirement to log into a backend system to view your leads, just to find they have been contacted already by a dozen other installers. Our leads are sent to you within 30 seconds from the time they want to get a quote. Simple.

Enquire today to learn more about our air conditioning quote lead packs and we’re happy to provide you with all lead pack information for the particular country you’re looking to target.

Our current lead HVAC  lead packages are listed below:


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