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Imagine expanding your business into Japan! We can help there too. We have the ability to provide surveyed english speaking Japanese leads in Japan.
Further you can customize where your leads are from, how much they have budgeted and several other factors.

Here is a sample of the business-opportunity type of lead we can generate for you in Japan…

Lead #25252

Somnath XXXX
Phone : 080-3026-XXXX
Email : XXXXXomnath@gmail.com

April 25, 2012 06:50:04

IP Address : 219.39.XXX.XX

My Gender?

Which District do you Live in?

I live in the Town/City:

Reason for wanting to start own business:
Have own business

Suitable time to be contacted?

How many hours per week are you willing to commit to online business?
Casual – 10 hours per week

How much do you have budgeted?

Our leads in Japan are delivered to you in realtime and are expecting your call! Our Japanese leads are the freshest and most responsive available, and are available at the best prices too. Please check current package prices at www.liveleadstore.com/office

If you are serious about expanding your network marketing business in Japan, do not overlook these and contact us today!

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