Understanding Lead Nurturing

Understanding Lead Nurturing

Understanding lead nurturing and how to make the most of it is vital to helping convert  leads (prospective customers) into loyal long term customers.

Lead nurturing is where a company, or even an individual, that has contacts and an ability to generate initial interest in any given products or services that are being sold, can produce a number of leads and develop a relationship with these leads to help them become converted customers. They deal with the part of the process which businesses often find difficult, which is making the initial contact and starting the sales pitch to see if they have a need to purchase your products or services. Think of it as the lead being a seed and the company that does the nurturing does the hard part of getting that seed to germinate at the very beginning. Live Lead Store has down the work to produce qualified leads for your business, but has also put an emphasis on providing you with some features in our back office to allow you to nurture your newly purchased leads.

An example of such a tool available to Live Lead Store customers is our autoresponder tool which allows you to set up a series of automated emails to send to your leads, to help keep them engaged and front of mind with your product or service.

To help you get the most of of lead nurturing through our autoresponder tool, here’s a couple of handy tips:

– Determine the frequency of how often you will contact your leads

– Understand what writing style (eg. Conversational/Professional) you want ot convey messaging to your leads with

– Test different styles/series of autoresponders each month, and then refine your strategy based on the success of each autoresponder trail you perform


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