2 Key B2B Lead Generation Trends

2 Key B2B Lead Generation Trends

B2B Marketing Techniques are constantly evolving.

Marketing professionals have to deliver results and rationalise significant headcount and program investments, which puts them under tremendous pressure. As such, it has become necessary for B2B marketers to adjust to new challenges, and discern best practices and new trends.

This article explores two key B2B lead Generation trends.

Trend Number 1: Metrics

A large number of B2B marketers have been switching over to integrated Marketing Automation and Sales CRM platforms, which has made it even more important to measure B2B marketing performance. Currently, there are a variety of metrics that are being used by B2B technology marketers for the evaluation of marketing performance.

When measuring marketing ROI, a majority of B2B marketers are using cost per lead metrics, followed by total revenue, total lead volume, lead quality and cost per lead acquisition.

When it comes to the measurement of the marketing performance of B2B lead generation, it is recommended that:

  • B2B marketers should emphasis on the measurement and reporting against their marketing objectives
  • B2B marketers should improve tactical performance by using diagnostic metrics like Click Through Rates
  • B2B marketers should begin with the built-reports that their marketing automation platform provides. This way, they will gain comparable and consistent data.
  • B2B marketers should emphasise on a revenue “touched by marketing” metric so they may support whatever contribution B2B marketing is making to their business. It can be challenging to establish the amount of contribution that B2B marketing might be making to revenue generation.

Trend Number 2: B2B Social Media Usage

Social media has solidified itself as a valid B2B marketing tactic. However, measurable results cannot be produced without focusing on the basics, such as blogging and posting highly valuable content on social sharing websites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Social media tactics that are proving highly effective for B2B lead generation this year include:

  • Building relationships with bloggers and social influencers
  • Including social sharing buttons on company website
  • Including social sharing buttons in email content
  • Moderating social networks
  • Posting content on a company blog
  • Uploading content to social sharing websites

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