4 Online Marketing Tactics That Convert


We explore 4 Online Marketing Tactics That Convert prospective customers to actual customers. We hope you get something out of this, and can then apply it to improve the current digital marketing strategies and tactics you are employing for your own business.

Ok so let’s get into it.

Potential buyers who start, but never complete the checkout process are inches close to becoming actual customers. According to recent research and studies, about 67 percent of online potential customers usually abandon their shopping cart before their purchase is complete.

Businesses often spend countless hours designing their site and optimizing the prices products, but only 8 out of 10 online users who visit their website will be interested to buy the advertised products, and often drop off rates are high at point of purchase

However, with tactical online marketing, businesses can witness noticeable increases in their conversion rate. Here are some of the online marketing strategies that can help convert more potential customers to real ones.

Social marketing strategies

Although, social media marketing can often be hard to be correlated with direct sales for businesses, there are still more that businesses can do to capture many prospective customers who they interact with. Businesses need to re-assess how social media is used and align excellent strategies accordingly. Social media is not only a connection with the customer, but another marketing tool. These are some of the ways a business can utilize social media to improve conversions.

1. Leverage key social influencers

EBay is forecasted to have an excellent summer sales this year because its marketing department is really influencing potential buyers on what is trending. They are leveraging social influence by generating buzz around products. i.e. creating a gift list and wish lists for its customers. This trend has gone viral and sales are increasing each day. This may be an old trick but with good information in place, businesses can hype or generate a buzz for their social media prospective buyers who are undecided and start cashing in more sales. This highlights the need to understand how your target market thinks, and what could spark interest within them (not to mention the need to understand seasonality).

2. Get personal with your social fan base

People tend to trust a person more before they trust a company. This is generally about gaining trust of buyers who may want to shop on your website. Make sure that you communicate yourself as you would your brand when interacting with prospects online. Google did this, and placed team members with high emotional intelligience (EQ) in their externally facing communications and marketing team. This helped develop Google’s brand reputation and thus, trust within the eyes of prospective customers online.

3. Redefine reach and engagement

Many social marketers often mistake reach and engagement with potential customers. A follow or like is more of an indication for reaching a person however does not correlate to engagement rates. The intrinsic value of reaching someone is very low for a brand when compared to true engagement and development of a 1:1 relationship.

The way your company decides to engage with its customers will depend on the company’s goals, prowess of your employees, and audience. Ask yourself, what the audience like doing, and how you will teach your prospective customers about your product and services and put it in a way that it will benefit or attract your target market.

With effective strategies and plans for social engagement in place, your social handle and website will not only reach to a larger prospective customers but also convert them to actual customers because you will be addressing their needs and interests.

4. Capture your potential customers email address

Everyone who visits your website counts. Never give up on any potential buyer easily instead, make sure that you capture their email addresses and store them in your mail list account. Capturing the emails of all your potential buyer is the simple strategy you can ever implement.

Once you’ve secured a new user to your database an easy higher level approach to following could be as a simple as:

1 Sending a follow up mail that invites them again to your website

2. You can find out what they really want via a survey

3. Provide promotional coupon thanking them for their subscription

4. Set up autoresponders to keep prospect warm if they yet to converted

All digital online marketing strategies should all work together for better results and information which is communicated in these channels should be coherent. The amount new customers you acquire comes down to both the tactics and the execution of these with your brand. Online businesses need to understand the importance of trust and reliability – this is what helps develop loyal long-term customers.

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