Four Traps to Avoid with Lead Generation

Four Traps to Avoid with Lead Generation

Before we get into exploring four traps to avoid with lead generation, here’s an interesting insight worth sharing.

When looking at B2B brands, customers trust email marketing as one of the highest forms of communication with a brand, whereas social media resulted with the lowest levels of trust. This reinforces the opportunity to link lead generation with tactical email marketing to ensure that leads are communicated using channels that will likely convert the highest.

So back to the the traps to avoid, here’s 4 things recommended to avoid when looking at lead generation.

1. Relying too heavily on organic search traffic for registrations (Google Natural Search Listings)

2. Not understanding your core target audience, and positioning your product/service to the wrong audience and/or without correct messaging audience can relate to

3. ‘Quantity over quality’ – Live Lead Store understands this and has qualified steps in our lead generation processes to ensure leads are qualified and relevant to your industry

4. Buying leads that are not generated in real-time

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