Improve Conversion Rate with A/B Split Testing

Improve Conversion Rate with A/B Split Testing

Less than 2 months into the new year, there are several conversion optimisation trends that are starting to make firm impacts into the online lead generation B2B market – especially when it comes to mlm leads. One of the most interesting that caught our attention here at Live Lead Store has been the growth of multi variant testing and A/B Split Testing.

Whilst split testing different page elements (such as button colour, fonts, copy variations) has been in play for some time now, online marketers now have an incredible breadth of tools available to assist them perform such activities saving both time and money in the process. The tools available vary from heat mapping softwares allowing brands to see where users are most engaged with, through to rapid prototyping mockup tools allowing for rapid development and implementation of tests across key conversion pages on websites.

To give greater context to the growth of A/B Split Testing, below is a typical application of such tools and how brands can use these to perform strategic split tests.

1. Review key data from website analytic tools/Heat Mapping softwares

2. Analyse key trends and formulate insights into user behaviour and potential improvements which are likely to boost conversion rates (on eg. sign up form or downloads of White Papers)

3. Develop data driven hypothesis about what improvements could increase conversion rates

4. Create and test their hypothesis through a number of online split testing tools

5. Make necessary changes based on results from split testing activities, allowing for improved conversion rates, providing lower user acquisition costs

For any business operating online, and for those focused on improving their lead generation on their website it is highly recommended to adopt A/B Split Testing as part of an online strategy that will assist in getting the greatest return on investment out of their website and online marketing activity as much as possible.

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