Lead Generation in Australia

Lead Generation in Australia

The saying ‘data never lies’ rings true is so many aspects of digital marketing. To help give context to lead generation in Australia we’ve put together some key statistics to give you an understanding of the current Australian Digital Landscape.

Key Australian Online Statistics in 2014:

  • 18,129,727 internet users

  • 12,800,000 Facebook users

  • 81% internet penetration

  • 4.5 hours per day on the internet (1.7 hours on mobile)

  • 57% social media penetration

  • 2.1 hours per day on social media

  • 78% of Australians use their mobiles to research products

What can we take away from these statistics?

When it comes to leads generation in Australia, after seeing this data, brands can understand the need to engage users through a multi-device strategy that caters for users on Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles across both internet browsing as well as social media activities.

An example of a tactic to exploit such user trends of people always being on the go and eg. using their mobile phones to research products, would be to set up paid media ads (eg. Google Adwords) which are set to run within certain geographic radius to stores. This means that users would only see ads triggered when researched products they’re interested in once they are within a physical proximity to a store – highlighting the opportunity to convert this traffic into customers.

Another approach is to ensure that a multi-channel strategy is in place, so that brands can target users who may be on their mobiles on social media on the train on the way to work, but also target these same users when they’re browsing at home on their desktop. For this example, you could use Facebook ads targeting specifically mobile devices during commuting hours (eg. 7am-9am, and 5pm-7pm) to target users on the train, and then utilise remarketing activity to get in touch and reinforce offers and brand propositions to them once using their desktop computers in the evenings to research further.

These are just a couple of examples of how to create strategically aligning lead generation in Australia, based off data driven insights. When it comes to lead generation – it’s best to focus on best practise digital marketing principles, and having a strong understanding of your target audience and their daily digital behaviour.

Data Source: Google Planning Tools 2014

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