Lead Generation Tactics For Google Plus

Lead Generation Tactics For Google Plus

Most companies when looking at using social media for lead generation activities, often associate Facebook as the primary channel to use for B2C audiences, and LinkedIn for B2B audiences.

Now whilst both of the social channels are great to use and test as part of your holistic social strategy, many overlook (or really understand) how to incorporate Google Plus into their social lead generation plan.

So here at Live Lead Store what we’ve done is highlighted several proven lead generation tactics for Google Plus which can be included and validated as part of your business’s online strategy moving forward.

Some great tactics to use include:

-Although seemingly obvious, if your brand is yet to claim a Google Plus page, go ahead and set up a Google Plus account for your brand

-It’s then important to create a custom url for your Google Plus page so you can use it for promotions and have prospects easily find your page (the automated url you get will include several numbers which won’t have any relevance or recognition to your customer base)

-Install a Google Plus link on your website (part of validating your Google Plus page includes this as a mandatory action, however you can have a visual ‘Plus 1’ logo installed on your page to help encourage users to follow you)

-When users follow you, it means that when they and their direct network on Google Plus are logged into their google account and perform any google search, the likelihood of your brand populating in their search results is much higher for relevant search queries as Google deems you to be likely interested in a certain page as your Google Plus ‘friends’ have already liked it

-Whilst logged into your Google Plus account activity search on Google Plus for relevant prospects to follow, in the hope that they will follow you back and/or will see your interaction with them and be inclined to navigate to your page/site to learn more

-Create a rolling monthly Google Plus content plan which you can schedule using tools such as Hoot suite or Buffer, and this way your page will stay fresh from a content perspective

-Run a mini-launch Google Plus campaign via email marketing to your list, to encourage initial followers/fan to populate your newly created Google Plus page

So hopefully this gives you a bit more context to the Google Plus dilemma many brands face due to lack of true understanding the power it offers their brand. Google Plus isn’t going anywhere soon, so it’s a great channel to include in your social lead generation activities.


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