5 Important B2B Lead Generation Statistics

5 Important B2B Lead Generation Statistics

The rise of content marketing has been all the rage in B2B lead generation for business’s sales and marketing activities of late. This is evident has over 50% of key firms in Asia-Pacific are now utilizing content marketing strategies as key drivers to their online marketing activities.

To help paint a clearer picture, below we’ve listed important b2b lead generation statistics (taken from Forrester Research 2013 Report)

1. Brands with blogs generate over 70% greater more leads than brands that do not have blogs

2. 82% of CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) believe customer content is the future of online marketing

3. Over 35% of traffic coming from SEO (Google organic search results) click on the first organic search result they are presented with

4. 54% of online marketers have found new customers through Facebook/Twitter

5. Visual content is processed 60x faster than text

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