Not all MLM Leads are created equally

Not all MLM Leads are created equally

Live Lead Store has been producing quality leads for over 10 years, and is trusted in the lead generation community – especially when it comes to MLM Leads. But one thing within the MLM lead industry is very obvious, especially from us looking inside out.

Not all MLM leads are created equally – it’s a fact, not an opinion.

So what exactly do we mean?

Well, a lot of online MLM lead generation businesses will promise low price point bundles of MLM leads for your business, however one thing that often don’t explain is ‘how’ they produce these leads.

Sure you can get x amount of leads for a very low price, but those leads are worthless to you and your business if they aren’t leads that have been qualified and even remotely interested in your business and services.

Often these MLM lead providers will simply ‘resell’ cheap leads they themselves don’t actually produce but purchase in bulk from other companies, where qualification methods and standards simply do not exist.

These businesses often lack ‘opt-in’ criteria when producing leads, which determines right up front whether the prospective customer (lead) has any genuine intent in being contacted.

This is something Live Lead Store takes seriously, and all of our leads are 100% qualified, ‘opt-in’ leads.

All of our leads are generated via search engines and specific key phrases. (Not by bulk redirect/pop under traffic like all other lead generation sites.) In addition to this, you can tailor your lead campaign to target your perfect prospect through our filtering and targeting options.

Live Lead Store employ these ethical and sustainable lead generation strategies on a daily basis and are fully transparent with our generation tactics.

So in the end, it’s worth being very conscious as a customer looking and comparing MLM lead generation providers, and check the lead acquisition strategies being used when supplying you leads. After all, there is no substitute for high quality, qualified leads.






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